Afternoon Light



Our behind the scenes heroes who help make CFT run smoothly.


Meet Our Support Staff


Allyson Blackhart

Nurse Coordinator

Allyson Blackhart has a BSN with over 18 years of nursing experience. She has worked in a variety of direct patient care environments including family practice clinics, specialty care clinics, hospitals and surgical environments. Throughout her work experience, she has cared for many adult and pediatric patients and their families. Allyson has performed intervention skills, communication and education on treatment options, to establish a direct plan of care while meeting ongoing needs for her patients.


Allyson regularly attends continuing education classes to further he knowledge in different nursing roles. She plans to advance her education for nursing case management and specialize in family and pediatric needs in coordination of care as a nurse liaison. 


Currently, Allyson holds a license as a Registered Nurse in Washington State.

Michelle Lease

Teaching Assistant
Medical Records/ Insurance PreAuth. Specialist

Michelle Lease is our classroom teaching assistant. She helps all of the therapists in any way they need throughout the day. Michelle is a great asset to our classroom with her terrific craft ideas for the kids for fine motor tasks and her gentle, soothing demeanor for those children who have difficulty adjusting to being away from mom for the first time.


Michelle is also assisting in the Business Office with Medical Records and Preauthorizing Services.

Michelle enjoys photography, spending time at her Cabin on the river and time with her family.