Many families have walked the same road you are now walking and Children FIRST Therapy was there with them, the same way we will be here for you. This page is a place of hope! This is your chance to hear from parents who have gone through our preschool and therapy programs and have experienced the incredible successes we help children and families succeed.  




"These Ladies Understand"


As soon as I found out my child was going to be born with Down syndrome and a heart defect, I called Children FIRST Therapy to find out what needed to be done to give him the best possible chance at a healthy and normal life.


They took time to tell me what to expect, who to talk to, and scheduled a time to come and visit me and my baby soon after he was born.


Shortly after coming home from the hospital, all of the ladies who would be caring for my child (Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Speech Therapist, etc.) came to my home to meet my baby, forging the beginning of a long and lasting friendship with a wonderful group of individuals. The love these ladies have for the children they work with is unbelieveable and heartwarming.


Many of these ladies have children, or come from backgrounds that include parents, siblings, children, etc. who also have disabilities or developmental issues. So when I ask them questions, I know that the information they give me is from life-experience, not a text book.


My child loves Children FIRST Therapy and all of the other children he interracts with. I couldn't immagine a better place for him to learn and grow.





"They helped my son and they helped me."


I can't say enough great things about the Childrens FIRST Therapy program and the people who work there.


When my son was two years old he was diagnosed with delayed speech. I was nervous at first but the teachers and staff quickly put my fears at ease. They answered all my questions and taught me techniques to help my child. 



Within no time, my son was talking more and more. Not only did my son get the care and attention he needed but so did I. I am very grateful for the care we received at Children FIRST Therapy and would recommend them to anyone with a small child needing a little extra help.




~ Barb



" We feel so truly blessed to have found such an inclusive program"


Clara has learned so much since she began therapy at Children FIRST Therapy. We feel the environment has motivated her to try new things. Specifically, the mixtures of typical and delayed children her age. Soon after starting the program, Clara came home and threw a ball for the first time. We were thrilled. Now she gets frustrated if she can’t hold her own spoon. Before starting the program, it was a battle to even get her to pick a spoon up. Her social skills are improving and now she beams whenever I tell her we are going to school. We feel so truly blessed to have found such an inclusive program with so many dedicated therapists and teachers. Thank you!


~ Brooke



"One of the best decisions we have made for our child"


Children FIRST Therapy has been one of the best decisions we have made for our child. Since Noah started therapy at a month old, the therapists and teachers have been there supporting us every step of the way. They have taught our son to achieve his milestones through dedication and perseverance to be the best he can be. We are extremely grateful to this wonderful team because they have taught not only our son, but us as parents. They have taught us to be patient and be our son’s lifelong teacher. These reasons are invaluable to us as a family and we are excited to continue our journey with Children FIRST Therapy.


~ Ryan and Alexis



"Children FIRST helped my son get to where he needs to be"


Children FIRST Therapy has really helped my son get to where he needs to be walking, talking, etc and I’m so thankful for them. When I had my son, he had a really rough start to life but when Lisa and Teresa came into our life, Dominick started doing the things he should be doing at that age. I’m soooo thankful for everyone at Children FIRST Therapy. Keep it up ladies/gentlemen you’re doing great!


~ Mary


" They have completely Blossomed"

Avery & Brody were born at 29 weeks.  They have completely blossomed and thrived since the day they were born.  They were 2 lbs at birth, you would never guess by looking at them.  Thanks to all their Teachers and Therapists they are doing wonderfully

~ Lindsay

"Matthew is excited to go to School!"

He has been a lot more social.  The combination of OT & ST and his ABA we have seen him reach his goals so quickly.

~ Danielle

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