Nichole Bergam
Executive Director/Certified Teacher
Diane Saggau
Director of Finance
Michelle Lease
Teaching Assistant/Medical Records/Insurance PreAuth. Specialist
Allyson Blackhart
Nurse Coordinator
Shannon Hughes
Family Resource Coordinator/Teacher
Emie Goates
Family Resource Coordinator/Develepmental Specialist
Caitlin Selle
Family Resource Coordinator
Melissa Reamer
Speech-Language Pathologist
Lauren Strout
Speech-Language Pathologist
Carissa Thiele
Speech-Language Pathologist/Feeding Therapist
Amy Maddox
Physical Therapist
Kristen Santos
Physical Therapist
Rachel Stankey
Occupational Therapist/Feeding Therapist
Carol Ross
Occupational Therapist
Mariah Schimke
Occupational Therapist
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