Founded by Kathy Blair, for more than 20 years, Children FIRST Therapy, has been the only therapy program in the Spokane area offering an integrated preschool run by therapists who skillfully engage your child in their therapy work during their preschool activities and learning.


Children FIRST Therapy is also a high-quality, successful preschool for typically developing children. In our program, therapists and early childhood specialists teach children with developmental disabilities and typically developing children the same curriculum that challenges each student to grow and reach their own fullest potential.


Children FIRST Therapy serves the child’s parents and care givers as well; offering in-depth resource coordination and hands-on involvement in the child’s therapy. We also provide in home therapy sessions for children within our service area.


For children in Spokane County, Children FIRST Therapy is the best integrated preschool program choice for your child’s success! Our full range of programs and services are provided to families in Spokane County.



Children FIRST Therapy provides the highest quality early intervention services for children birth to three with developmental delays and disabilities through our unique, integrated preschool therapy program. Our family-centered approach ensures that we also serve the child’s care givers by providing resource coordination and hands-on training for the continuation of therapy and progress at home.



Children FIRST Therapy strives to be a model program for the use of integrated peer learning in early intervention services for children with developmental disabilities. Understanding that children learn best from their typically developing peers, we have built an early intervention therapy preschool, and supportive in-home program, that has been successful for nearly 25 years. Our vision is to pioneer the growth of the field of integrated therapy preschools so that every child has an opportunity to thrive and reach their fullest potential.



We are dedicated to the individual needs of each child we serve. We set goals and create therapy plans that enable each child to reach their fullest potential.


We provide valuable resource connections, information, support and understanding to families raising and supporting children with special needs.


We enhance our community by making an impact in the lives of the children and families we serve.